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Health, Safety & Environment

Our Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Policy is not only good for the environment and our staff – it also serves to minimize your risk.
Protecting the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and the natural environment is a core value within Chubb. We will not be satisfied until our workplaces are safe from hazards, our employees are injury-free, our services and products are safe, and our commitment and record in regulatory compliance and protection of the environment are unmatched.

Specifically, This Policy Requires Every Chubb Business Globally to :

  • Strive to eliminate all employee injuries by ensuring that the workplace is free from hazards and unsafe actions;
  • Comply with legal and regulatory requirements and the policies, standards, and practices of the corporation;
  • Establish safety and environmental goals, and the business plans necessary to achieve these goals;
  • Provide accurate and timely measurement and reporting of performance;
  • Implement and periodically evaluate EH&S Management Systems in order to reduce risks and continually improve the effectiveness of our EH&S processes;
  • Integrate safety and environmental considerations into investment decisions, the design of services and products, and in all our dealings with suppliers and contractors;
  • Require all employees to adhere to these standards and provide management commitment of the means and resources necessary to lead, support, monitor, and maintain accountability for the implementation of this policy.

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For Security and Fire

Safety Solutions, try
turning to Chubb.

In 1818, Charles and
Jeremiah Chubb
patented he first detector lock, and soon became a
household name in locks and safes.


180 years of history and innovation have made Chubb into a global leader in security and fire protection. The name Chubb is synonymous with fire and security.


The Business

The development of high security solutions was originally driven by the fact that industrialisation radically upset the settled pattern of English life through rapid urban growth. This in turn led to an increase in crime.

Understandably this unsavoury trend created a demand for greater security. This led to the invention of the original secure lock mechanism, by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb, who patented their Detector Lock in 1818.

Even though there have been significant advances in the arrangement of the Chubb lock, the basic principle of its original construction has remained unchanged over the decades. In the first century of Chubb’s existence, more than two and a half million locks were made.

Interestingly, the success of the Chubb lock supposedly came about when the Prince Regent accidentally sat on a Chubb lock, complete with its key. This encounter created a lot of attention that resulted in increased demand for the lock.

After the invention and patenting of the Detector Lock, Charles Chubb opened a factory in Wolverhampton and concentrated on the manufacture and sale of locks, as well as the development of further security products. Another product was added to the Chubb range in 1835 when a patent was taken out for a burglar-resistant safe. By the mid 1840s Chubb had become a household word, and even appeared in playbills and popular verses of the time.

Chubb set up a subsidiary in the US as growing crime rates peaked in the 1870s, with more and more violent attacks on banks and private individuals. It was during this period that the Time Lock, a clockwork or electronically operated time mechanism that is fitted to a safe or vault door with no outside connections was developed. Once the time lock was activated and door closed, even the correct keys or combination would not open it.

Although Chubb has made a number of further refinements to the time mechanism, the basic system is still used today and is one of the most secure locking systems available.
Chubb Expands Beyond Locks.

After World War II Chubb expanded its operations from a single company manufacturing specialised security products with just two overseas subsidiaries, into a broad based group of companies covering many aspects of security work in the UK and 17 countries Worldwide. For example, the brand extended its product range into fire protection and Chubb Fire has since become the leading fire protection company in the UK, Ireland, Australia and other major markets globally.

During the last twenty years, the strategic development of Chubb has been influenced by a number of acquisitions. The Racal Electronics Group purchased Chubb in 1984. Chubb demerged from Racal in 1992 to form Chubb Security PLC.

It was then acquired by Williams Holdings PLC, later Williams PLC in 1997, who instigated a major redevelopment programme and repositioned Chubb as a provider of a wide range of security services rather than a specialised manufacturer of locks.
In August 2000 Assa Abloy, a Swedish-based lock manufacturer, acquired Chubb’s Lock Security Group. Chubb demerged from Williams in November 2000 to become Chubb plc, thus reinstating the independent character of the business.
Chubb was acquired by United Technologies Corporation in 2003.

The Market

The current state of the security market is highly fragmented and fiercely competitive. Businesses are often looking to consolidate suppliers, and prefer to select companies that can offer an extended range of services and products. Total capability companies like Chubb continue to find such conditions ideal for growth.

Over 180 years of history and innovation have made Chubb a global leader in security and fire services. Chubb employs in the region of 48,000 people, has two million customers and annual sales of £1.6 billion worldwide. The company’s strengths are underpinned by a global infrastructure, a highly skilled and experienced workforce, a diverse range of quality products and services and a reputation for service excellence.

Recognised as one of the most respected names in high security solutions, Chubb products are used by architects, security and fire specifiers, and consumers requiring a higher level of security for their business and domestic premises.

Chubb is responsible for the security of many prestigious and vulnerable sites around the world.


The company prides itself on its ability to meet quality standards while leading the field in technical innovation. Chubb Fire’s product awards include the 1999 International Fire Expo Award for Innovation in the Fire Industry, and the Millennium Award for its contribution to British Design and Technology.

Chubb led the fire protection market by ceasing to manufacture Halon extinguishers as soon as it became known that Halon had a negative environmental impact. The company set up a pioneering Halon reclamation site to support essential applications, and has embarked on educational marketing campaigns to encourage existing users of Halon systems to switch to more environmentally friendly systems.

In 2001 Chubb Alarms were awarded a Metropolitan Police Award for Intruder Alarm Performance in the large installers category.

Services & Products

The company has established an excellent corporate reputation, protecting people and their assets for almost 200 years. Chubb systems are used at the highest levels in government, defence and banking as well as in industrial and commercial companies.

Chubb’s main product offerings include Electronic Security, Security Personnel, Monitoring and Response Services, Fire Protection, Fire Detection and Marine Fire and Safety Services. It is Chubb’s ability to integrate these services and offer tailored, total security solutions that makes it unique.

Each year in the UK Chubb provides twelve million personnel hours of security, performs 150,000 security systems site inspections and services over four million fire extinguishers.

Integrated Solutions

The integration of electronic security, fire detection and monitoring systems forms the core of Chubb’s security service provision. Monitoring is at the centre of Chubb systems, which apply intelligence to system messages and stimulate the appropriate response.

Chubb's strong focus on the future has helped the company remain at the forefront of security system design and service innovation. Chubb combines in-house system design expertise with components from some of the world’s leading technology suppliers to provide advanced security services. These include remote CCTV monitoring, remote upgrading of system control panels, biometric recognition systems and access control systems with building management capabilities.
Chubb has extensive geographic coverage in a total of seventeen countries with strong or leading positions in the majority of its markets, enabling the company to provide its international customers with a consistently high quality service.

Chubb has a broad client base, and recognises the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why it places customer service at the heart of the business.

Recent Developments

High-level security site access systems are widely used by public sector organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, but until recently this level of sophisticated security was not widely available to the commercial sector. Chubb Visitor Express is the latest of a number of site entry security products proving extremely popular with UK-based companies.

The system uses a secure high-tech visitor management database to record who is visiting a building, who they work for, what they look like and, ultimately, whether their intentions are genuine. The system scans a business card and then uses an electronic camera to store a high quality image of the individual and record when they arrive and leave.

Chubb chiefly supplies security products and services to businesses although it does operate in domestic markets such as South Africa where security is a higher priority.

As a result, Chubb generally enjoys long term relationships with its customers, who come into contact with the Chubb brand every time they see a fire extinguisher, press a code into an alarm panel, swipe an access card or speak to a security officer.
Chubb uses a highly motivated team of individuals to promote the company directly to its customers. Owing to the nature of the business, the company has many opportunities for such direct contacts when it conducts on-site surveys and risk assessments of companies’ premises. Cross selling the services of the fire and security businesses represents a huge opportunity globally.

Chubb also offers added value services to customers. For example, the company runs educational seminars and publishes guides to help keep customers informed of any legislative changes that could affect the security systems that they are operating.

Finally, the Chubb brand is always physically represented on Chubb products in order to actively reinforce the brand’s values.

Brand Values

The Chubb master brand is one of the most recognised and most valued security brands in the world. A precious asset, the brand has a reputation built on almost 200 years of experience in the provision of security applications. Throughout its history, the company has demonstrated an ability to perform in new sectors and to incorporate new technologies in order to provide the most advanced security service solutions.

Trust, Integrity, Strength are The Core Values Embedded in The Brand.

During the 1980s and 1990s the two main UK businesses, Chubb Fire and Chubb Electronic Security used separate strap lines to present their individual strengths. Chubb Fire used ‘Leading the way in the fight against fire’, while Chubb Electronic Security offered their ‘Reputation to protect’.

As customers demanded a greater integration between their fire and security needs, so the one strap line was formulated for the Chubb master brand to reflect the organisation’s total capability offering. ‘Making your world a safer place’ was introduced in 1998.

Things you didn't know about Chubb?

In UK prisons, the phrase, ‘Chubbing-up for the night’ is a euphemism for ‘locking-up for the night’.

The reputation of the Chubb brand has led to it being used as the generic term for security mortice locks, regardless of who the actual manufacturer is.

The thatched Globe Theatre on London’s South Bank has fire systems installed by Chubb, including 147 smoke detectors, 75 heat sensors and 70 break-glass call points.
Chubb remotely monitors over 670,000 electronic security systems around the world and operates some 46 monitoring centres.

In 1999 Chubb established one of the first dedicated remote CCTV monitoring centres in the UK, in Gloucester.

Chubb has supplied over 300,000 CCTV cameras and over a million access control cards, and services over 4,000,000 fire extinguishers in the UK each year.
The Chubb logo was originally designed to represent the front of a mortise lock.

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As a leading international fire and security company, Chubb is able to tailor its services and support at all levels. We operate and deliver fire and security solutions locally, nationally, regionally, and globally, wherever it is needed. We draw upon our global expertise in order to apply “Best Practice” in designing, implementing, and maintaining your security and fire protection systems. In addition, our presence in over 25 countries means that Chubb can provide global fire and security solutions. The potential benefits of implementing a common security platform across all locations for a global organization include more effective management of security risks, consistent service levels and the ability to link remote systems into a central control point and ultimately cost savings.


Chubb will actively participate in meetings at all levels of management, from executive-level meetings on all strategic issues, through to day-to-day site management meetings. Chubb commits to being represented by the appropriate level of management in each case, and we confirm our intention to forge an active partnership with you.


Chubb has a rigorous business continuity plan in place to safeguard service continuity to you in the event that we suffer an incident that affects our offices, communications, or systems.


Chubb is strongly focused on promoting a high standard of Environmental Health & Safety Management. Our commitment can be summed up as “Safety First.”

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When Chubb was founded in 1818, more than 180 years ago, the company had a winning product: the Chubb Detector Lock. Today, Chubb is a global leader - synonymous with excellence and comprehensive security and fire safety services worldwide.

Chubb Singapore has been established since 1972. Over the years, we have consistently delivered exceptional and innovative security and fire safety solutions to a large number of reputable clients across the industrial, financial, healthcare, corporate and retail sectors. Our strengths are underpinned by a global infrastructure, a highly skilled and experienced workforce, and access to a diverse portfolio of unmatched products and services that provide tailor-packaged security solutions.

With Chubb, you can draw on our broad range of security and fire safety products and services, comprising: Electronic Security, Physical Security, Fire Safety, Security Personnel, 24-Hour Monitoring, and Training (as an Approved Training Organization) to suit a series of applications.

Our team of professional fire and security consultants is committed to developing and delivering exceptional fire and security products to ensure your peace of mind all day, everyday.

Chubb is part of UTC Fire and Security, a United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX) business unit.

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Chubb Fire Extinguishers


Dry Chemical Powder

Extinguishing agent yang sifatnya berupa bubuk kimia kering ini dapat digunakan untuk segala jenis kelas api. Direkomendasikan untuk memadamkan bahan padat.

CO2 Carbon Dioxide

Sistem kerja extinguishing agent ini dengan mengurangi supply oksigen pada api. Dianjurkan untuk perlindungan perangkat elektronik Anda dari bahaya kebakaran.

Foam AFFF Concentrates

Berbentuk seperti busa, bekerja efektif menurunkan suhu panas pada kebakaran. Direkomendasikan untuk kebakaran yang disebabkan oleh bahan kimia cair.

Halotron Clean Agent

Chubb Halotron merupakan agent/media isi yang paling bersih, aman jika terhirup manusia dan ramah lingkungan. Sebagai pengganti Gas Halon dan Non-CFC.