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Argonite Fixed Fire Suppression Systems

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That is environmentally neutral, safe for occupied areas and leaves no residue. Argonite systems have been developed as a viable and environmentally friendly alternative for Halon. Tested and approved by regulatory bodies throughout the world, Argonite is effective against fires involving almost all combustible materials and flammable liquids and is particularly suitable for use in areas where the use of water, foam or powder would be unacceptable.

argonite-fire-suppression-system-3D-viewSystem Design
In a closed space almost all fires are extinguished in less than 60 seconds when the oxygen concentration falls below 15%. The Argonite fire extinguishing system, based on a mixture of 50% Argon and 50% Nitrogen, reduces the oxygen concentration to 12.5% – a level acceptable to human exposure over short periods – thus eliminating the fire quickly and effectively without affecting personnel.

Knowing the size and complexity of the area to be protected, the fire hazard present and the requirements of the local approving authority, a dedicated computer program is used to specify the size and geometry of the Argonite system hardware. Argonite is available in storage pressures up to 300 Bar, thus providing 30 per cent less storage space than any equivalent 200 Bar system.

The Argonite System

Argonite systems consist of one or more cylinders connected via a common manifold. System actuation can be manual or automatic and the gas is dispersed through a pipe network and enters the protected area via nozzles. Valve design, the size and pressure of the cylinders used together with computer calculated pipe and nozzle dimensions ensure that the correct amount of Argonite is released effectively. Argonite’s inerting and extinguishing properties act quickly to eliminate the fire. Where multiple area protection is required, and provided there is suitable fire separation, a central bank ‘multi-way’ system can be used. This provides a cost-effective solution by further reducing the overall cylinder quantity.

argonite-cylinder-systemArgonite Cylinders
A range of cylinders is available offering a choice of fill and pressures to meet your specific needs and to ensure maximum cost effectiveness of the installation. Each cylinder is manufactured from high strength alloy steel and is supplied in accordance with the requirements of the various national authorities – inclusive of stamping and certification. They are mounted in rows and may be installed in any suitable location.

Argonite Valves
Made of corrosion resistant brass, Argonite discharge valves are designed to ensure optimum system performance, reduced pipe sizes and low installation costs.

They can be actuated by one of the following methods:   Electrical   Pneumatic   Manual

argonite-valves-systemThe valve design allows a worldwide network of distributors to recharge the cylinders without the need for replacement parts. An easy-to-read gauge enables convenient inspection of the agent pressure and a pressure switch is fitted as standard to allow remote monitoring of the system’s integrity.

Argonite systems are ideally suited to the protection of fixed equipment and plant. They are particularly applicable for high value risks where fires can have devastating consequences way beyond the cost of damage and lost production.

Applications include :   Computer suites   Telecommunications facilities   Archive stores   Petrochemical plants   Offshore oil and gas installations   Gas turbines   Control centres

Advantage :   Fast acting and effective against nearly all fire hazards   Environmentally neutral - zero Ozone Depleting Potential and Zero Global Warming Potential   No post-fire residues or damage to protected equipment   Electrically non-conductive   Safe for occupied areas   Can be integrated with existing detection and alarm systems   Automatic or manual release   Minimum downtime after a fire

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