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CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) High Pressure System

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From the Natural Cycle
CO2, also known as carbon dioxide, occurs naturally; it is a colourless and odourless gas which does not conduct electricity. Its outstanding characteristic is that it does not reach with other substances, not does it leave any residue. This means that CO2is a clean extinguishing agent which is ideally suited to protecting highly sensitive risks against fire.

Stopping the Fire from "Breathing"
The extinguishing effect of CO2 is based on the displacement of oxygen, which is needed for the development of the fire. The normal proportion of oxygen in the air is approximately 21% by volume and adding CO2 reduces this to 15% or less by volume in the protected zone: as a result, any fire is quickly suffocated.


Example of a CO2 High Pressure System for One Extinguishing Zone :

1.   Alarm bottle with electrical actuator
2.   CO2 extinguishing agent bottle with penumatic actuation
3.   Manifold
4.   Delay devices
5.   Extinguishing nozzle
6.   Automatic fire detector
7.   Fire detection and control panel
8.   Visual warning devices
9.   Electrical alarm sounder
10. Pneumatic alarm horn
11. Manual releaseNon-Ozone Depleting

When our engineers design a CO2 extinguishing system, they make sure that storage is provided for the right amount of extinguishing agent. The amount determines whether the CO2 is stored at high pressure or low pressure.

High Pressure Storage
In high in steel bottles at ambient temperature. If necessary, bottles are grouped together to form large batteries. All the agent bottles are connected to a common manifold via high pressure hoses.

The high pressure method allows up to 50 kg of CO2 to be stored in each bottle. To ensure constant monitoring of the contents, each bottle is weighed and equipped with limit switches, so that a maximum leakage of 10% of the extinguishing agent gives an automatic signal and alarm.

In a system protecting several sections, special sectional valves ensure the supply of extinguishing agent to each section. This guarantees flooding just of the only area where extinguishing is required.

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