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Foam High Expansion System

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The Basic of Fire Fighting with foam and the advantages :
1.  The basics of fire fighting with foam
2.  The function of foam
3.  Foam proportioning and foam generating
4.  The fundamental philosophy
5.  The mechanical principles

1.  The Basics of Fire Fighting with Foam
To mechanically produce foam for the purpose of fire fighting, you will need the following :   Water flow   Foam concentrate   Dosing unit, to mix the concentrate with water into a :   Water/Foam solution   Foam generator, to add air into the water/foam solution to produce :   Foam


2.  The Function of Foam
Foam extinguishes and/or prevents fire mainly by the following methods:   Separating. Creates a barrier between the burning material/liquid and the fire/air   Cooling. Lowers the temperature of the burning material/liquid   Suppressing. Prevents the release of flammable vapors

3.  Foam Proportioning and Foam Generating
The proportioning and foam generating can be made according to the following example :   Water flow   Foam concentrate   Dosing unit for 3%, to mix the Foam concentrate with water into a :   Water/Foam solution, = 97% Water + 3% Foam concentrate.   Foam generator, three types to add air in three different ratios; Low-EX <20:1,
            Med-EX <200:1, High-EX <1000:1, to produce:   Foam
            a) Low expansion, long throw length, we.
            b) Medium expansion, medium throw length
            c) High expansion, no throw length, fills up spaces

4.  The Fundamental Philosophy   No external energy should be required, driven only by the existing water flow   Proportioning should be made automatic, i.e. the system should allow the firefighter to
            have the creativity free for fighting the fire   The system should be practically independent of changes in pressure and flow
            (within the min and max values)

5.  The Mechanical Principles   The hydraulic Water motor is driven by the water flow   The water motor drives the foam concentrate pump   Both units are of displacement type and linked mechanically with a direct drive.
            Displacement = Capacity/rev   The Foam concentrate pump follows the speed of the Water motor   The ratio between the displacements of the Foam concentrate pump and the Water
            motor will determine the nominal dosing rate   The above gives a practically constant dosing rate, regardless of changes in flow and
            pressure (within the min and max values)

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